DOI = Alina Cristea + Ine Vlassaks

DOI is a collective founded in 2016 by the artists Alina Cristea and Ine Vlassaks. Doi is Romanian for two.

Alina Cristea is pursuing her Masters at the Photography department of LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Before this, she graduated from KASKA in Antwerp and UMPRUM in Prague. Originary from Romania, she likes to change her mind and her environment frequently in order to get new ideas and to stay creative. Currently interested in collaborations, changing minds and processes, innovation and her hometown, Bucharest.

Ine Vlassaks finished her master in painting at LUCA School of Arts in 2014. While photography and digital platforms such as photoshop were used as handy tools during the process of her works, these media are becoming more important now. She thinks inspiration can be found anywhere, although plants and architectural forms are a recurrent theme in her works.