Conversation Pieces

SERIES 2 & 3


Textwork from series 2: List of Duos, 2016

After we both made ten works each, we decided to change the rules.

We started willing to experiment with media we haven’t used before, so we wrote several possibilities on some small papers and we drew lots, ending up with five that we both had to create a work for, resulting in another ten works. We had sculpture, text, drawing, photography and video.

This time we chose to rule out the connection the works had to have with the previous ones and we could both work at the same time. We gave ourselves a week to finish each of them.


At the end, we appreciated this step of the process, but we wanted to go back to the spontaneity of the first set of rules. Also, we figured out a week was too long and we returned to the concept of the four-days deadline.

Thus, this leading to a new way of working. We had to find a text or a fragment that we exchanged and that was to be the beginning of the third series of works. From that point on, the process was the same as during the first series. We could develop anything, any association started from the work the other one has sent. The interval was again four days.