Conversation Pieces

Series 1


Our first project together started as a need to be more spontaneous.
We decided to alternatively make work that would form a dialogue, as each work would be a reaction to the previous one. We only gave ourselves 4 days to make it. In this way we had not much time to think and to hesitate.
As a starting point we took the concept of a circle. Alina made the first work that related to it and sent it to Ine. She had only 4 days to react to the work Alina gave her. And so on.

Even though there were strict rules (the work had to be done in 4 days, it had to relate to the previous work) it felt like some kind of freedom.
What is important in this process is that we don’t focus on the individual works, but on the flow of ideas, on experimenting with media we haven’t tried before and on our interaction as artists with different backgrounds.
After 10 works, the rules were changed.